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Debt Recovery

Gladstones’ debt recovery team focuses on ensuring that your debts are recovered quickly and cost-effectively. The team offers debt advice to individuals and businesses for both simple unpaid invoices and complex, highly contested debts.

As a Gladstones’ client seeking to recover a debt you will be guided through the pre-action legal requirements, the opportunities to settle without the need for formal legal action or if required a litigation service taking the matter through the Courts to a final hearing or Trial. As well as explaining the most effective debt recovery techniques Gladstones will also advise you on the merits of litigating on an unpaid debt, together with the cost consequences and your ability to recover such costs from the other side if you succeed.

No debt is too small

Creditors are often cautious approaching solicitors to assist with their debt recovery efforts, particularly when the debts are modest in size. However, Gladstones has created a fixed fee model for facilitating small claims of any value suitable for such creditors. The model would be of value to a commercial creditor with a catalogue of small debts – however this should not deter creditors of individual small debts from contacting us. Quite often is the case that in pursuing even the smallest of debts a Company will be seen to be sending out a strong message to its debtors.

To discuss any aspect of Debt Recovery contact Jamie Ashford.